Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To the people who suddenly found that they cannot post to the blog..

To those of you who  have realized recently that you cannot post to the blog:
This is because you never bothered to accept the invitation that was sent to you. After the 14-day drop-add date, I flushed all the pending an unaccepted invitations (since
the invites were sent also to students who eventually dropped).  So, if you didn't accept the invite by the 14 days, then you
don't have permission, and you will have to be issued a new invitation. Ask either Garrett or me for it.

(I also find it disappointing hat the realization that you didn't have permission to post came only after I requested for a mandatory post
to the blog.This seems to suggest that you never even *considered* responding to the many thinking-cap questions before because they were not mandatory.)


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