Monday, October 27, 2008

GAAP (Grade Anxiety Amelioration Program)

As the drop date is approaching, I am getting mails from people worried about their grades.
I haven't completed mid-term grading and am not likely to get done this week because of some other
pressing deadlines.

As I said, I don't go with 95-->A+; 90-->A  sort of scale. So, you shouldn't worry too much based just on your

I also recognize that people who can't keep up with the demands of the course leave--thus I normally don't have the
same kind of bottom distribution as might be present in other classes.

My general advice to anyone who has come up to this point in the course and has done all assignments, and is enjoying the
course, is to de-stress (note the "de" not "di") and continue. Your personal mileage of course may vary.


ps: If it helps, here are the final cumulatives and the actual reported grades for a previous offering of this course. The first
three are 471 and the rest are 598. This is for illustrative purposes.
 There are *no* implicit guarantees that if you get those points, you will get those grades. If you have other questions, feel free to
send me email either directly are anonymously.

88.40 A+
79.57 A
62.83 B

91.97 A+
90.61 A+
87.55 A+
85.76 A
85.11 A
84.34 A
84.00 A
83.88 A
83.85 A
81.27 A-
79.92 B+
78.76 B+
78.63 B+
74.76 B
69.64 B
69.35 B

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