Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homework 2

You can pickup your graded homework 2 from my desk (557AD) between 12pm and 5pm.  I may also be at my desk prior to 10:30am if you want to stop by and check.

I apologize for the delay in grading, something important came up and I wasn't able to have them graded in time.  I also needed to go back and re-grade several of them.  One suggestion I would like to make is to please keep your homework in the order of the problems assigned.  A large number of students handed in homework which wasn't in order.  Also, please be sure to circle your answers and leave some space between problems.  I found it very difficult to determine the start/end of problems for many students this time around.

Here are the stats:

Total Points:  43

Max:  43
Min:     7
Avg:  36.4

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