Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project 2 Fix

It was pointed out that some of the pages in the LinkExtract file have a space at the beginning of their name and therefore might not be matched when provided with the name w/o the space.  Some of you have worked around this but if you are having problems, there are two quick solutions to this problem.

1)  Simply edit the Hashedlinks file replacing ", " with ","  (replace comma followed by space with just a comma)

2)  Edit the LinkExtract.java file and add the following after this line in the constructor sin = sin.substring(sin.indexOf("[")+1,sin.indexOf("]"));

sin = sin.replace(", ", ",").trim();

You can add this line yourself and recompile or you can download the updated file from here (didn't want the java file to get caught by virus checker) 



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