Wednesday, September 3, 2008

*Important* note on readings for the IR lectures


 As I mentioned, the primary readings for each topic are the first unindented paper for that topic in the readings list. So for the Traditional Information Retrieval topic we are discussing now, the required reading is  the link with the name

"Text Retrieval (a draft chapter from Wei Meng, SUNY Binhghamton. Used with Dr. Meng's permission)."

I should point out however that this is a sort of the "cliffs notes" version. If you want a more uptodate and comprehensive treatment, then read the relevant chapters from the IR book by Manning et al, for which the link is provided from the readings.  The order of chapters in that book however is different from the order in which we will cover the material. Here is a guide for the next two weeks:

Intro to IR and Boolean retrieval (chapter 1)

Evaluating IR using Precision/recall (chapter 8)

vector space model (chapter 6--6.1 to 6.5)

relevance feedback (chapter 9)

Latent semantic indexing (chapter 18)


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