Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Class composition after drop/add

Now that the standard add/drop period is over, here is the class composition.
I updated the mailing list to reflect the current enrollment. If you are still getting mail
and shouldn't be let me know (and if you are supposed to get mail and are not, you too should
let me know, but I guess that is harder..)

43 students

7 registered fof 494
  6 senior
  1 exchange

36 registered for 598
  8 phd
  22 MS
  5 MCS
  1 exchange

Number of students "signed" into class blog:

Using my powers of ratiocination, I think we have representatives of the following countries (Let me know if I am missing any):

            USA, India, China, Germany, Turkey,  France, Russia, Ecuador, South Korea

As of now, I can put names to about 14 faces in the class. I would like to make this number higher quickly

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