Tuesday, December 23, 2008



 The grades have been submitted, and I assume several of you already know yours.

Judging from a sampling of mails prior to the grades, it is possible that several of you
received better grades than you suspected. This is all part of a carefully cultivated delusion
on my part that this  class is somehow harder than your other classes and should have
more christmasey grades.. :-> 

If you did get a grade better than you suspected, just remember the climactic scene from Saving Private Ryan
and just     "... earn it" (which could, for example, involve listening to the final exam answers audio so you don't
carry misunderstandings forward).

 I also wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Garrett--your long suffering TA. He had to grade
three projects, four long homeworks and see a demo, and voluntarily held additional office hours over weekends
to help you with your projects.

 I wish you all great holidays and hope  our paths will cross again in future (and that we won't glare at each other, if they do ;-)

 I myself am off to Hawaii where I expect to catch golf balls for my buddy Barack.


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