Sunday, November 30, 2008

Project Demos

There have been a few questions regarding the demos so here's some information you may need.  The demos will each be 20 minutes and will be held between Dec 4th and Dec 9th...a sign up sheet with time slots will be passed around.  Please show up early to the demo so you can be ready to go when your time begins (there are 35 demos so any delays can quickly add up).

For the demo I will ask to see vector space, page rank, auth/hubs, kmeans, and buckshot (or other if you chose something else).  I will ask you to run a few queries, explain some of the algorithmic details of your implementation, and possibly other related things.  Your program should be robust in terms of allowing for configurable parameters (c, w, k, n, etc.).  I will also verify those who implemented a GUI and/or other extra credit items.

Make sure you have your code running smoothly before the demo as each student will only have 20 minutes.  I will hold the demo session in the 2nd floor lab so if you need to run it on one of the lab machines, you should have pleanty of time to setup early.  You may also run it on your personal laptops.

Several students showed up yesterday and today for the additional office hours but for those who couldn't make it, I will have the final office hours on Wednesday before the project submission.


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